Total Points:  120

Thryming the Field

Kill more than 5 foes in melee in a single turn. [unlocked in AD&D 3.0]

Hammer  Chucked

Shrug off getting thrown for 30 ft. or more by a creature larger than you.

Slip of the Wrist?

'Accidentally' kill an allied soldier due to a critical miss.

Death Tease

Cheat death by reversing a fatal blow into a revival.

Take This and Call Me in the Morning

Heal someone for over 40 points of damage without a critical heal and without using a spell more powerful than Cure Serious Wounds.

THAT'S a Flesh Wound?!

Deal more than 45 points of damage with a single melee attack.

Armor Shmarmor...

Do battle in melee with a higher level target without the benefit of any armor.


Take over 40 points of damage in a single damage roll and not die.

Can't Touch This

Use Lay on Hands 5 or more times to survive being near death in a single battle.

Patriot Missile

Successfully hit a target that has 9/10's cover with a ranged attack.

Talk to da' Shield

Go toe-to-toe with a legend for 3 or more turns without receiving a heal and survive.


Drop an AOE damage spell centered on an ally.  To save them, presumably. 

Diplomatic Immunity

Succeed in 5 consecutive Diplomacy checks scoring over 25 in a single encounter.

Rolling Thunder

Roll 5 or more dice in a single melee attack without scoring a Critical Hit or having elemental enchantments.

Possession is 9/10's of the Brawl

Rip an opponent's weapon from their grasp and kill them with it.

For the Royalty!

Take 50 or more points of damage in a single turn on the behalf of other party members.

Show Off...

Pass 3 or more Acrobatics checks consecutively without getting hit by any attacks of opportunity.


Incinerate 10 or more foes in a single fire spell.

Midgets in the Belfry

Have a shorter party member use a taller party member in battle to gain an advantage.

Appeasing the Mighty

Appease the mighty Thrym by using a Thrym Point in battle.

Is it Dead?

Overkill does not exist.  Deal 800+ damage to a single target in a single turn from a single source.

Make Him Fly!

Fling your foe through the air with the power of your very mind.

Solo XP's!

Single handedly defeat 10 or more foes without any aid and without taking any damage.

Wait a Minute Here... Aren't Bards Supposed to Suck?

Prove that the lowly Bard does NOT suck by successfully stacking Insight and Morale bonuses from Bard 'song'.