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The Mythic Forges

The Invasion of Mennara (Campaign)

Event Time Lines

Mennaran Time Line

  • Orcs of the Broken Plain invade the Dwarven lands of the Red Anvil, the current ruling Clan
  • Farrenghast's Undead Army invade Lanthari, The Elven Lands.  Whole Forest sections are lost to fires set by the undead on their way west to The Thelgrim Peninsula. The undead hordes originated east of Bellwayne province a protectorate of Falladir's kingdom and rule by the Lady Morgaine. Farrenghast's army smashes her small force of defenders while pasting through the sothern tip near the coast. She flees northwest to hopefull get to her ally Triamlavar King of the Elves.
  • Uthuk Y' llan (Barbarian faction), Invade Falladir's Kingdom (Knights faction) with Broken Plain Orcs raiding in force in alliance with the Barbarians. Beserker shock troops backed by dark magic are Blitzing through Falladir's knights at Godstone Keep/pass  and the whole north of the kingdom is over run.  At the same time the Uthuk are also preparing to push into Thelgrim with the orcs.
  • It is soon discovered that all the Invasions were orchestrated by none other Llovar returned, the very embodiment of evil.
  • Sensing Llovar's rising, Timorran  leaves his exile in the desert leading the armies of the Sunderlanders.  Many who are his Acolytes and followers. They are a mix of Asian, Arabic, and Mystical cultures.  Timorran will focus all of his strength to aid the forces of light against the coming darkness of Llovar.

Player's Time line

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New Creatures

Tengu - 5th Edition

Locations of Mennara